Whenever I’ve done my best writing I’ve always felt I had a muse.  The muse isn’t always a person though, it could be an idea or an animal or a three second moment of my day that I feel could be expanded upon immensely.  So, when I want to start writing I’m always looking for a muse.  Someone or thing that opens up my mind due to whatever they do and lets the creativeness spill out all over the keyboard.  However, this belief often is part of the downfall of me never starting.  I’m always looking for my muse and if I can’t find “her” I don’t start writing or I never start because I’m still looking.  The hard part is finding the muse with enough time to be used effectively.  I think my problem is (warning, cliche moment coming) the muse I’m looking for is always within me, I just need to learn how to access it.

Whenever I’ve done my best writing I’ve always felt I had a muse because I did, it was me.  All of the thoughts and experiences I’ve had were mine and I was looking outwardly to find someone else to bring those thoughts up from the depths of me.  If I wanted to feel in love I looked for someone to be in love with.  If I wanted to feel heartbroken I looked for someone that would break my heart.  If I wanted to be inspired I looked for something inspirational.  Those searches were just to get me to access those emotions and feelings inside of me.  I don’t need to search for someone else to do it, I just have to look inside.

I often would look for a muse as someone to bring the feelings out of me so I could feel them naturally.  Everyone feels better when they have someone making them feel a natural emotion.  To be able to take that and turn it into amazing writing is wonderful because you can relive those moments every time you read what you wrote.  But to be able to write and experience those emotions it seems they don’t blend well because I wouldn’t want to give the moment up.  Its like taking a picture, do you stop and take a picture to remember it forever or live in the moment so you don’t lose a single second of it?  If I can use those moments I’ve already experienced I won’t have to look for a new muse every time I want to write.  If I keep writing whenever I experience a new moment I can use it right then.

A muse is just a link to an emotion or an experience, whether good or bad.  I still like the romantic idea of having a muse though.  The idea that there is an embodiment of a person that moves you so much in everything they do that you’re endlessly inspired.  Being a male I think of it as a beautiful woman.  I can’t answer what it would be for a woman, if a man can inspire her to such feats of writing or if its just another man-made idea where women are objects instead of the creators themselves.  I do know that if I need a muse in the future I can just create an imaginary friend rather than go looking for one and I’ll have everything I need at my fingertips.



Good writing is remembering detail. Most people want to forget. Don’t forget things that were painful or embarrassing or silly. Turn them into a story that tells the truth.



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