I didn’t write in November

Because November sucks.  Or maybe because I suck.  Maybe a mix of the two.

Probably because I suck.

I was working on another project that kind of hit a wall.  Then I think of all of these other ideas and jump back and forth between them.  Then I work on a completely new project that just jumps out from me and I grab it with the passion of a zebra chasing a bad analogy.  Although then I get a little too into it and get lost in it and forget what its original purpose was.  Then I just write weird and jumbled thoughts.  Like this.  HI!

Like anything and everything with me its all about focus.  I think thats the problem when I write off the top of my mind, I dont have any structure of flow to my thoughts so its just random.  I don’t consider myself a real writer because it doesn’t ever feel like I’m really writing and just thinking onto a page.  Then I read about authors who say the first draft is always shit and all you’re doing is opening the lego bags and sorting out the pieces.  The editing is where the building starts.

So here I am again.  Writing.  Because that urge will never go away.  I don’t want it to.

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