The Universe

Does the universe talk to you?  I’m not one for talk of the universe and mystic elements affecting my life however lately I’ve noticed something.  Last night I had a dream and thinking about it I now wonder if the universe is actually talking to me.

The dream last night I can’t remember specifics as much as I wish I could, however I do remember the general theme of it.  Wasted opportunity.  Whatever it was about it focused around me not doing what I want and instead continuing to do something I hate.  It was an easy guess as to what it was about.  I didn’t think of it at the time so I lost all of the details but I was thinking about it again this evening and it struck me that it wasn’t the only instance of the universe trying to tell me something.

Over the past year or so as the months have past I have become increasingly more aware of the little signs and hint drops that the universe has been giving.  I’ve noticed tidbits of motivation here and there.  I’ve seen memes and inspirational quotes about chasing ones dreams and not wasting your life.  Anecdotes of people who did the unthinkable and went for what they really wanted out of life.  They have been coming more frequently visible.

In the past I would read them and think to myself, “yeah I agree with that.”  Recently I began saving a few of the ones that hit a little closer to home to reuse when I need an extra push of motivation.  Now I’m dreaming about them.  To me it feels like the universe is trying to actually reach out and grab me by the shoulders, shake me and tell me to wake the fuck up.

So does the universe talk to us?  If you would have asked me even a few months before I would have said no, thats a bunch of nonsense.  We make what we want to believe a reality like ghosts and bigfoot.  We take the things we want to be true and we build our fantasy world around them to fit the narrative.  But do we?  Does the universe only work because we want it to or does it only talk to people that want to listen?  Am I only starting to take notice of these revelations because I’m being more receptive to them.  Have they always been there but I wasn’t listening for them so the universe went on ignoring me.

I’m going to take a leap of faith and believe in something for once.  It may be nonsense but I’m going to try and be receptive and let the universe talk to me.  I’m listening.  Keep yelling at me until I pay attention.

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