The moon

Do you think the moon is lonely?  Do you think it spins around the earth so slowly hoping to catch its gaze and hold it long enough that maybe it will smile back and shine some light on it?

I bet the moon is jealous of the sun.  Jealous that the sun gets the light and praise and the moon only gets sleep and silence.  It pulls at the oceans, making its tears rough with the tide.  Blinking every so often on a dark night, closing its own eyes for a moment to itself.  Blinking wide to show the earth how beautiful it can be when its open full.

The lunar eclipse is its only time to block out the sun, but in a cruel twist nobody can look up to see how beautiful it is.

The moon tries.  It smiles in a sliver to get the earth to laugh.  It grows bigger and closer to the earth in hopes of a kiss or at least to be noticed.  The moon takes whatever it can get and continues on as it always has.  It comes back every night without fail and goes to sleep every morning to give the earth its space.  Never getting closer, never getting more but always there.



Beaming bright in the darkness.

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