I remember you in the Spring

It started in the Spring. It’s so cliche to say that things start in the Spring because of the flowers and the bees and all that nonsense. But in this case it did start in the spring, right at the end of it. I first noticed you then. I first witnessed the way you talked and walked. I caught your stare while trying not to have the same happen to me. You were always there but now I noticed you.
Our conversations were like the weather, warming but not without its cool edges. A few slips of the tongue brought a ridiculous chilly breeze. It continued to warm though, right up until Summer. The cliches are horribly banal but Spring is when we met and when we sowed our beginnings to enjoy while the Summer’s heat stoked the flames.
Thinking back I can’t believe it took so long to notice you.  Or maybe I tried and you kept me from it.  Even further I might have just been too distracted with Winter to notice Spring.  You’re more of an Autumn though.  You scream Autumn from head to toe, however I’m always going to remember you as Spring.

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