Something new

The grass isn’t always greener but that never stops me from taking a peek over the fence.  It does look pretty damn fun over there.  The toys aren’t brand new but they’re new to me.  The swings have seen plenty of pushes while just as many have taken their turn down the slide.  The monkey bars and jungle-jim have both been handled again and again, but I’ve never had the chance and I want to try them all out.

You’re something new.  Different from everyone else but similar in a way that makes me wonder about you.  I’ve got a sickness with this type of thing.  Noticing someone new and taking an interest.  Taking it so far and then having it fade like a snap.  But the newness of it all is thrilling.  That chase.  The seeker and the sought.  The catcher and the caught.

This is all new to me, but familiar as fuck.  I don’t know you, yet.  The hope of what you will be in my head probably can never equal what you actually are, and that’s my problem.  You don’t need to be anything other than what you are, be damned what I think I want.  You’re something new to me but this is all the same chase I’ve done time after time.  New can get so old some times.

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