I miss you

What I miss most isn’t anything in particular about you, that isn’t the say I don’t miss each and every part of you.  I miss the way you looked at me with your sad eyes and lost smile.  I thought I could help you find your smile again and was determined to never give up until we found it.  You gave purpose to every ounce of my passion and it breathed for you.

I miss your concise ways.  Rarely did you waste a movement or phrase.  Everything you did and said had been dialed down to necessity and highlighted your allure.  You we’re complex in your simplicity.  A light shining behind your eyes but never bright enough for anyone else to see.

I miss nearly everything about you but the thing I miss the most isn’t about you, it’s about the way you made me feel.  My words meant something when I said them to you.  My smile’s were brighter when you were around.  My words sung.  You were the muse to my everything and I miss the way you made me better.

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