You’re the kind of girl that looks good in a hat

There’s something casual about you.  You’re comfortable.  Some girls take the word comfortable and try and turn it into a bad thing but it isn’t.  Being comfortable with someone is what everybody wants.  We all want to be ourselves and not have to hide or pretend.  Being comfortable is the end goal of a relationship and when I’m with you I feel like we’ve started off there.

You let me hug you in public.  I can put my arms around your waist and pull your body back to mine.  You don’t pull away or twist when I kiss your cheek and rest my chin on your shoulder.  I hear you exhale slowly as if I’m sending a shiver down your spine in the best possible way.  You let me close to you and make it feel natural.

You’re the kind of girl that looks good in a hat.  It doesn’t matter what kind of hat it is because you can pull it off.  A floppy hat at the beach and you look just as bright as the sun.  You can pull off a baseball hat with ease and make it a combination of sexy and sweet that makes others envious.  There isn’t much you can’t do that makes me more impressed with you every time we meet.

Don’t stop letting me get close to you.  Never stop being you.  The word comfortable is a great compliment.  Always remember to bring a hat.

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