There are so many ways to write love

I enjoy writing about love and romance.  I like to see how far I can stretch out the feeling of kissing a girl’s lips or what it’s like to stare into her eyes until one of us blinks and turns away.  The feeling of my heart racing because she’s close to me is something I could have an unending supply of words for because if you can’t write about love how can you write about anything?

I could write about her hair.  How I like how it hangs down over her face.  The way my hand feels a need to curl it behind her ear so I can see both ends of her smile.  I could write about the different styles she has it in; straight and sleek, pulled into a cute ponytail, curly, wavy.  There are so many words I could write just about her hair that it would be too long yet not enough.

Or the feeling of my hand underneath her chin, raising it so I can lean down to kiss her lips and leave them there for a while.  There’s the way she walks and how she dresses.  The feeling of her fingers in mine or the sound of her breathing as she’s asleep.  The list of things to write about when you’re thinking of love is endless, that’s why its my favorite subject.  It doesn’t matter when or why, I could write a few lines of a strong feeling of love and enjoy how they string themselves together or how they make me remember.

It’s just usually just a flash of thought that brings it on.  A memory or a desire.  Sometimes its a picture, a word or a phrase.  The yearning of love never dies though.  The hunger for its feeling will always find its way back.

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