The background of someone else’s photo

I’ve seen this a few times while perusing around online and it’s never really made me stop and think until the last time I saw it.  Do you ever think about how many times you’re in the background of someone else’s picture?  How many times you were standing around somewhere and someone was taking a selfie or a picture of someone else and you’re just there now, forever.  How many times you were on someones facebook page as their profile or in their instagram feed, or whatever else they were doing.

What if that picture they took where you’re in the background is important to them?  What if its a picture that they have framed on their wall or on their desktop or as a phone wallpaper?  What if they look at that picture that you’re in every single day?

How strange would that be?  To have someone look at you every single day and not know them and they don’t know you.  Have the even noticed you back there?  Maybe they have.  Maybe they’ve looked at that picture enough that they have given everyone a name and a background.  They’ve thought to themselves where you might be going that day when the picture was taken.  What you might be thinking based on the expression on your face.

How odd would it be further if you were to ever meet that person?  That they were a friend or even a romantic interest.  You go over to their place or are even further along and go home with them on Thanksgiving or are invited to a party on the 4th of July.  You’re meeting their parents and going through old photo albums that they have stashed away.  That’s always a fun tradition.

You’d be flipping through the pages and laughing and smiling at how cute they were when they were younger.  You’d turn one page and notice that they have a picture in front of the Eiffel tower or in Times Square.  You tell them that you’ve been there once too.  Years ago when you were younger.

Then you both reminisce about your experiences and describe odd happenings in big cities like that that you both weren’t used to.  You laugh at how funny it is that the place never seems to change because you both experienced the same things with the same people.  As you study the picture a little closer you notice someone with a shirt nearly exactly like you used to have.

How funny that is you think to yourself.  Then you look closer and more intently.  That can’t be.  Can it?  You look away then look again.  You see yourself in a picture you never knew was taken in the background of someone you’re sitting next to that you never knew before.  You laugh out loud and proclaim “No way!”

You show them.  You say look.  You point and ask them to tell you who that is.  They don’t know.  You look different now.  Older.  You laugh and you say in a “duh!” kind of way.

“Its me!”

The shocked look on their face says it all.  They look closer then at you then back at the picture.  They are full of disbelief.  No way indeed.  How many years later and you see yourself in their picture.  Now you kiss them regularly on the lips like you’ve known them all this time.  So close to each other at one point in your life but never having met and now you share this odd experience.

How odd to think of all the times you’re in someone else’s background.  How many times someone else looks at you and doesn’t even know who you are.


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