I try, everyday

I try to write every day.  Well, correction, I try to have something to post for every day.  I don’t always have the ability to write every day.  Wait, correction again, I don’t always have the ability to have a clear mind that allows me to write every day.  It’s quite a difficult thing but it seems like it would be so easy.  Clear your mind, right?  Yeah no.  It doesn’t work like that.

So I try to write whenever I can and when I have more of an oomph behind me I spin out a bit more than usual and set it to post in the future.  I like seeing those little squares fill in showing all the days I’ve posted something, especially because I hadn’t written anything for so long.  It was ugly seeing the blank squares.  It was defeating.  I didn’t like that feeling.

So when I have clarity I write.  I go looking for something to write about.  I search for inspiration.  I love being inspired.  The feeling of when I see, read, smell or taste something that sends a jolt to my brain.  It’s invigorating.  It’s electricity.  It’s pure.

I have no real purpose for this post.  I just wanted to write something.  Anything.  I won’t be setting it to post in the future for my next day without a post.  I just want to type and think and let all of my thoughts spill out and hopefully something will click and I’ll find something else to write.  Creativity will peek its head out from behind the bushes.  A light will shine on something perfect in the darkness.  My words will find their path out of my head and line up in a way that gives them some coherence.

So with that I’ll hit post.  Publish.  Whatever that blue button says in the upper corner.  I apologize if you read this because it really wasn’t anything of any interest.  It was just getting the cobwebs out that kind of built up today and maybe I’ll be able to let some pretty thoughts dance around before bed tonight.  Again, sorry if you read all of this.

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