Do you ever think sometimes that maybe you’re the villain in whatever story that’s being told?

Most people are good, most of the time anyways.  Some people are bad some of the time.   There is always the saying that nobody is perfect but at what point does it turn into balancing being good with doing things that are bad?  Or if not bad then detrimental to others?

I find whenever a story is being told it makes the jump from good to great whenever the villain is someone who isn’t a mustache-twirling stereotype.  The kind that simply wants to bring the end of the world for reasons of a prophecy or an oddly concocted reasoning that is too complicated or silly to really make sense.  Great villain’s have depth and in some ways you feel for them.  Sometimes you even cheer for them if the circumstances don’t go against the protagonist directly.  A great villain believes they are just in the pursuit of their goal just as the the hero does.

So what kind of strange twist would it be to wake up and wonder if maybe you’re the villain and there is a hero out there that will one day try and stop you.  In the 40s and 50s  and that time the heroes of western movies were the cowboys, the villains were the natives.  From the view of the natives the cowboys were the villains and they were just in their reasoning for trying to get rid of them.  What would you do if you found out what you were doing made you, in someone else’s eyes, the bad guy?  But also that no matter how you rationalized it your path was still just?

That’s the path of a great villain.  Someone who does something because they know its right even while someone else is telling them its wrong.  At the same time that is the exact thing we admire in a hero, the courage to stand up for whats right no matter who is telling them that its wrong.  Is this schizophrenia or principal?

Another question is; what kind of villain are you?

The kind that stays true to their path because what you believe is right and the other side is wrong?  Or are you the kind of villain that goes slightly mad?  You’re unable to reconcile the two sides and you throw your hands up and and say, “you know what?  Okay.  Fine.  I’ll be the bad guy.”

Do you embrace being the villain when you realize you’re not the hero anymore?  Even more, do you enjoy it?

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