Writing, Writer, Written, Wrote

I came across a quote today by C.S. Lewis:

Writing is like a lust, or scratching when you itch.  Writing comes as a result of a very strong impulse.

I’ve seen many quotes that are similar.  That a writer ‘feels a burning inside them to get their words down,” or something similar to that.  A writer cannot stop thinking of writing or they die.  Dramatic and full of hyperbole.  But is it wrong?

I’ve always wondered what it means to be a writer.  When can a person call themselves a writer?  I read quotes or similar like those above and think I don’t have that in me.  I enjoy writing and I want to write but I don’t have that burning desire to get every thought down.  It doesn’t drive me mad and ever moment I’m able I don’t wish to find a pen, paper or keys of some kind to beat the words out of my skull and arrange them like a bouquet.  So I say I’m not a writer.

But I think I might have just had an epiphany, and its funny because epiphanies are funny things.  You realize them and then wonder how the hell you missed them all along the way.

I always come back to writing.  I can’t stop.  Sometimes there might be a long break in between but during that time I’m thinking about it.  I’ll work out little thoughts and stories in my head.  I’ll even write them down into the nothingness and lose them forever.  A flash of brilliance (or not) gone.

Writing is always on my mind.  When I’m driving to work I think about how I wish I could just be writing.  I fantasize about it.  It’s always around me.  I really am consumed by it.  It really is fighting to get out.  The more I write the stronger it gets, so the more I write.

It’s nice to know that the lust is there.  The scratch is never cooled.  The burn is deep.

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