Self Destruction

Sometimes a little self destruction does your body and mind a solid.  When you’re standing at the edge of the cliff and say to yourself, “screw it.”

Then you jump.

The fall is amazing.  The fall is the high.  When it starts the water looks so far away and the rush of the wind as gravity rips you through the air is hypnotizing.  You open your lungs to joy and freedom.  Are you ever as free as when you’re falling?

Sex.  Food.  Drink.

Push all of your chips to the center of the table and declare, “fuck it.  I’m all in.”

Your mind needs that sense of full throttle every once in a while.  If it doesn’t get it then it will snap.  If it doesn’t snap then it will slowly swirl down the drain to a mundane eternity without thrill or living.  A machine repeating the same actions again and again.

Flirt with the girl everyone tells you is bad news.

Eat the food that your told is garbage.

Drink the spirits that lighten your soul.

Press the self destruct button then jump.  Cry out all the way down until you hit the water then come up for air.  Gasp and thrash your arms to stay afloat, because you have to be careful after the fall.  Sometimes you forget how to swim.

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