Man of La Mancha

What great madness we find when we follow adventure,

it takes us so far until we stop.

Our steed is not tired but our sense of worry takes over,

yet the path continues as far as we can see.

But the dreamer, the poet, the free thinking and willed keep going.

“Onward to battle!  Victory sides with the just and we cannot lose.”

Rocinante gallops, our lance pointed with death on its tongue,

giants wielding their arms at our charge.

The fair Dulcinea called out as our rallying cry,

“For beauty, for love!”

As our weapon pierces a limb the giant roars and topples us to the dirt,

enchantment impeding our fight further and a draw is drawn.

A stand for the pure at heart and a will for the righteous.

We will conquer the evil and subdue the wrong,

until the light and the right have its day.

Don Quixote,

Man of La Mancha,

a simple mind sees a delusional fool,

while a dreamer continues their search for something of life and to stave off the hands of death.

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