Sex before breakfast

You excite me.  You thrill me.  I can’t stop looking at you from across the table.

Your pale skin framed by your dark mane is like a spell you’ve cast.

I’m under it immediately with no ability to resist.

The way your hair cascades down your neck, its as if darkness is a fog

and its going to swallow you and I both.

Your smoke-white skin countering and refusing to give in.

My eyes following along your shoulder and trying to will away the clothing covering any part.

Some things can’t wait to be acted upon.

When I want to touch you I want to touch you now.

If I want to kiss you my lips cannot cool their burn on their own

Your legs are needed, spread and wrapped around me

ankles hooked and thighs squeezing my hips.

Breakfast at this little diner is going to have to wait

the bathroom is empty.

Not exactly the mile-high club but I’ll take you whenever I can.

Your ass fits on the edge of the sink helped by the squeeze of your legs around my waist.

Wildly kissing with my hands in your hair and your arms around my neck.

Squeeze harder, don’t ever let go.

Dig your nails and your heels into me as we mold our bodies together.

Bite my lips while I find your tongue.

The thrill of hearing and feeling your breath in my ear is enough to electrify me.

I can’t hold back and all you do is whisper my name.

We enjoyed our breakfast eventually.

On the same side of the booth, ankles hooked and faces flushed.

Yet already hungry again.

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