Way Back #1

Last night I was going through my old livejournal.


And it wasn’t even when I was a brooding, emo 15 year old.  I was just lame.  Slightly sophomoric.  Quick to hold down the shift key and flame.  Some posts consisting of simply “I’m not posting today.”  Yeesh.

Anyways, I found some old things I had written that I didn’t want to lose into the abyss.  Some of them are meh.  Some of them aren’t too bad.  I figured I’d include a series of “way back” posts that just show things I had been working on and written in the past.  Keeping a kind of evolution of my writing that I can look back on.  So without further ado:

I wrote this 13 years ago.  I’m sorry.


Breathe for all you’re worth
live with all you can,
fight for things that matter
love with all you have.
Take only what is given
give all that you can spare,
be for the sake of being
do for those who care.
help when help is needed
ask when needed too
everything your worth
is made by only you.



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