Oh Canada.

I’ve already written my Independence Day post, completed this morning actually.  I doubt I’ll have time to write it the day of and I wanted it to be something special so I wrote it this morning and posted on a delay.  Then I thought since it is Sunday and I have the time I should write something for my new home, Canada.

I also wanted to point out the featured image for the post.  It’s bye Joyce Wieland, from 1970 and titled O Canada after the national anthem.  When first looking at it I didn’t quite understand the significance but then clued into it after a moment.  The link describes its creation and how each lipstick print is a different syllable of the national anthem of Canada.  I thought it was cute, clever and a lovely piece to be the place holder image.

Oh Canada, I found you like an orphan finds a home,

I didn’t pick you

I probably wasn’t your first choice either,

but we were made a family

and since we’ve grown.

Oh Canada, I came from your neighbor to the south.

The States,

an expat,

now a citizen of yours,

It took some time to know you

but I’ve finally come around.

Your acceptance of other cultures is something worth holding pride.

although I know little of your inner workings,

I try to catch up while I listen on the ride.

Beauty beyond compare

from one ocean to the next,

I only wish you’d find a way to thrive

without making nature a nervous wreck.

Oh Canada, you care for the people you hold within your grasp,

not a life left to struggle

because of doctors, health or class.

Oh Canada, I’m caught loving a country

that seems wrong for me these days

yet ignoring one who feels so right.

Oh Canada I’m sorry

for my lack of appreciation,

or if I’ve caused you any slights.

You are a country to be proud of

and sing your anthem loud

Oh Canada,

True North,

I stand on guard for thee,

I stand proud.

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