The 4th of July

America the beautiful how have I loved thee,

for years you were the beacon of everything true and just.

I believed in what I placed my hand upon my heart for

and even after leaving you, you never lost my trust.

Lady Liberty stood tall,

draped in stars and stripes.

She would rescue the broken

fleeing from hell and bitter strife,

and always standing for whats right.

The great United States

she’s had her flaws in my years and before

and as time went on it slowly fixed

not from the top but from the floor.

Protest what you love if it changes its face,

we do not march for hatred of our country,

we march for the human race.

America the beautiful has lost its glow and shine

with children held in cages,

and black men murdered in our streets,

citizens of this country told to go back where they came from,

and women’s rights, all being beat.

This is what we march for when we gather and protest

when we make our signs and chant our songs

and cause upheaval and unrest.

You cannot stop our voices or quiet our shouts of shame

You will not make this life normal

Our burning passion for justice you cannot tame.

I want to love you, America, as I have before,

Please give me a reason to see you have not taken a steep fall

That you are still worth saving

and you will hold true to life, liberty and justice for All.


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