29 hours away

I’ll never know you.  I’ll never see you.  I’ll never shake your hand or look into your eyes while you look into mine.  It was never going to happen anyway but it was nice to dream on.  I was realistic though and had never even contemplated it.  Us meeting was merely a funny thing to talk about while we were enjoying each others company.

You would place your lips on mine with your arms rested on my shoulders and stretched out straight behind my back.  Your hands dangling in the air while your fingers intertwined like a spider climbing its web.

Smiles didn’t hang around on your face for long.  They were a strand of hair that escaped.  You’d realize the mistake and quickly curl the hair behind your ear and drop your lips to your famous stare.  I could die in that stare.

I’ve never looked at a girl with the kind of mystery that you held while at the same time feeling like I knew what was behind them.  You were always the duck on the pond.  The tip of the iceberg.  You stared so you wouldn’t give anything away but every time you did I knew there was something.

My hands always settled on your hips and moved from there.  Sometimes up your back to pull you close and other times they drifted inside your waistline to feel the skin to sensitive for societies view.  Your teeth on my lip was like dessert before the meal.  It made me so hungry that I’d ask for all three courses at once.

And we’d fuck too.  It would be hard and full of passion.  My waves would crash onto your shore and the water would erode away any resemblance of individuality and we would just be us.  We would be alone against each other and there wasn’t anything else in the world that mattered.  These moments were weaved in and out of our days together while our nights were spent laughing and carrying on like it would never end.

You pulled away.  I don’t blame you for anything else other than this.  All of the explosions and ruination were my fault, but you pulled away.  I know why but I’ll never really know.  We’ll never talk again.  You’ll never answer.  That 29 hours between us will feel like its so much longer than a day.  That day will turn into forever and a memory of someone I loved, and I’m not even sorry I said it.

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