Everything you like is stupid

If you’re going to continue reading, please be fluent sarcasm or find a sarcasm to English translator for assistance.

So that’s all you do?

You just sit there pushing buttons.

What’s the point?

Why don’t you go outside?

Oh my god, this isn’t news!

Who cares what these people are doing.


She’s just a slut anyway.

This is what’s wrong with the world.

This is kind of gay, isn’t it?

A bunch of men tackling each other

and slapping each others butts.

Why don’t you actually go do it instead of watching it?

What a waste of time.

You’re so shallow

You live at the mall

Why don’t you get a hobby

or do something productive?

What a waste of time.


Is there anything in that book that’ll show you how to not be a loser?

Nose in a book all day every day

Do you even know what the sun looks like?

I don’t watch TV or movies

I prefer to be outside actually doing things

but if you like being  a zombie in front of a screen

that’s none of my business.

Why are girls so vain?

You only care about making yourself look pretty.

Like its the only thing in the world that matters.

You must have daddy issues.

Oh my god, you’re still doing that?

Do you ever do anything else?

Why don’t you get a life.

No wonder you have no friends.

Why don’t you do something else that isn’t so dumb?

I don’t like that so it’s fucking dumb for anyone else to.

Why are you doing that?  It’s stupid.

You are all losers because you don’t like what I do.

You are so boring, why don’t you have a real hobby like me?

Everything you like is stupid

and I’m here to make you feel bad for having something you enjoy.

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