‘Go’ Mode

The Leo in me roars loudly at times

riotous mane proudly draped from my neck.

I possess a fool’s notion of brilliance

and I can swim the dicey current without hooked letters dragging me under.

A grandiose future held ridiculously close

where all that is needed is the switch to stay flipped.

Humble this side is not, but it comes to reap soon after.

My words don’t dance across the screen,

they sprint.

Do not turn your head to see how far ahead you are

keep running until the gun shot.

The ends of the wires sparking as the currents run red and hot,

No programming, no map, no plan

Just the words

as they climb the ladder

and jump down the slide

to the pool below.

A hurricane’s carnage is roused from inside

with debris and broken thoughts speared through walls

They all can’t get out even though they try.

When it hits

all you can do is go


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