I wrote this last year sitting in the parking lot of the school waiting to pick up my daughter.  We had run over our data plan so scrolling twitter or reddit wasn’t an option.  Instead of staring out at nothingness or listening to vapid conversations that I had no interest in I decided to sit in my car and do a little writing.


She laid her hand on my head and slowly stroked her fingers through my hair.  I could hear her heartbeat as my head lie against her chest.  It soothed me the way a mother’s voice soothes a scared child, sweet and soft with a melodic repetition.

My eyes closed instinctively and I sank into her.  As her fingers danced through my hair she hummed to complete the trance she was putting me into.  I was falling asleep, steering towards the jagged rocks of her shores at the mercy of her mermaid’s song.

My heart steadied and my consciousness waned.  I fell asleep as comfortably and desirably as any man could ever hope to.

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