I love hating things

I love my day job.  I love the way it gives me so little in fulfillment that I’m able to fantasize and dream about something I would actually love doing.  I love that it’s also an annoying combination of a day job and a night job depending on what day of the week it is.  It’s so nice having my schedule fucked up like that every week.

I really enjoy how I’m allotted free thought while doing a menial task so I can wistfully dream of a better life that I could have had and still possibly won’t ever achieve.  I also love the little red line under words to tell me when I’ve misspelled something, because my fingers always like to type ei instead of ie for some reason.

I love my day job because I hate it.  How much fun is it to hate things?  Quite a bit actually.  Some of the greatest connections you can make with a person is when you’re commiserating over how much you hate something else.

“I hate mashed potatoes.  It’s just vegetable whip cream lying to us.”

“Me too!  Mashed potatoes are the worst!  It tastes how Steve Buscemi looks.”

“Awesome, we should be friends.”


I can hate something but appreciate someone else’s enjoyment of it.  I’m not the type of person to shit on something someone loves and tell them they’re stupid for liking it.  I just like to say why I don’t like it.  They can tell me why they do and I’ll kindly shut my mouth since that is something we disagree on.

“I hate the heat.  Stupid summer.  Screw off sun!”

“I like the summer.”

“It’s just too hot for me.  Give me air conditioning, or give me death.”

“I like having a time of the year when you’re nearly guaranteed to have the sun shining and your plans won’t be ruined by the weather.”

“Touche.  I’m going to go find a tree to sit under and dream of blizzards.  Both the Dairy Queen variety and the weather phenomenon.”

I’m also terrible because this made me laugh for some reason.  I think its the silhouette’s posture.  It doesn’t really have anything to do with the over all theme of the post but it made me laugh when I was looking for a header picture and I wanted to share it.

Yes, I’m well aware of all of the hate in the world today.  Too much of it actually.  But there is a difference between vitriolic hatred due to political bullshit and, what should be, illegal government practices and hating the way someone pronounces the word bagel.  The former is enough to rise up and fight the persecution and stand up for what you believe in.  The latter is just annoying AF.  (the proper pronunciation is “bay-gull” for any of those wondering if they say it right.  Not “bah-gull” as those of you who are wrong say it.)

It’s like yanny or laurel.  Was the dress blue and silver or gold and you’re wrong it was blue.  Stupid things to get mad over that are meaningless.  Things to hate that just make you want to scream into the void out of sheer, “YOU’RE DOING IT WRONG!”  The fun kind of hate that separates us from the animals.  Except elephants.  I hear they can be real dicks sometimes.

My point?  There isn’t one.  I didn’t make you read this.  You spent about three minutes and forty-two seconds reading this and now you’re at the end and you haven’t learned anything.  Don’t you just hate that?

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