Lost In Your Hair

I fell in love with you because of your hair.  Of course there are other things I noticed about you.  The way you cocked your hips in that belly dancer way, it looked as if you had another joint that normal humans didn’t possess.  Then there was the sultry look in your eyes as you scanned the room.  You were looking for the right person, lucky he wasn’t there that night and your gaze found me.

But it was that thick, lustrous mane that you would pile up atop your head and then drop while shaking your head from side to side.  It would spill down to your shoulders like a chiffon, floating until it found its place along your shoulders and down your back.  How could any man on earth resist such a thing?  You knew they couldn’t and you reveled in it.

I wanted to get tangled in its thickness.  When you came close to me for the first time I could smell your perfume and I could smell the alcohol but it wasn’t until you pressed your back against my chest and leaned on me that I became intoxicated with your scent.  Your hair smelled of flowers, but not roses or anything so commonly sweet.  It smelled of lily of the valley, just as sweet as you were deadly.

You proved to be just that, too.  We were torrid.  You were ravenous.  It sucked the life from my skin and I grew pale and weak yet begged for more.  I wanted whatever I could get from you and you drained my love, sucking it through a straw until there was nothing left except the hollow sound in the bottom of my cup.

I don’t blame you though.  You were everything you claimed to be from look and touch.  You never said you were good.  In fact you might have even told me once or twice that you would hurt me and I should run.  Men are egotistical pricks though.  How could a pretty girl hurt us?  I wish I could go back and laugh at myself as I thought that.  You crippled me and handed you the mallet.

If I see you again I won’t approach you, I’d be too afraid of falling back in.  I’ll wave and throw my head up in a nod.  You’ll flash your smile and dip your sunglasses to catch me with those eyes.  I’ll smile back and look away as quick as I can.  Once you’re a man’s system you can’t be gotten rid of, you can only hope to sober up.

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