Serial Lit: The Origins Of Me Love For Your Smirk – Part 2

I found the second part of this story I had written.  It was years ago.  Around ten years ago I’m pretty sure.  It was two pages written in pen, front and back.  I don’t think I really had any direction I was going with this aside from a love triangle.  It’s a little trivial without much depth but I do remember I wrote it on my 30 minute breaks and I usually have my more profound ideas when I can type them out.  Anyways, enough bashing it before anyone reads it.


For a brief moment I had thought maybe Enne would forget.  I quickly dismissed it.  She had spent too much effort trying to get me to sing for her to just forget.  When class time rolled around she walked into the room right on time, just as she always did.  She saw me, smiled and waved then headed over to sit next to me.  Without wasting any time at all she began.

“So, where are you taking me for lunch today?”

Her playful tone was low and she leaned in to speak in a whisper as class had started.  She didn’t let me answer just yet.

“I was thinking Subway but that’s within walking distance so driving would be silly.  Also I want a good song so we may need a few minutes in the car to wait for one.”

She stopped abruptly as the instructor raised her voice.  Enne whispered one last thing before pulling out her notebook, “we’ll discuss after.”

As the time ticked away my mind was racing.  Is there any way out of this?  What if Mira finds out?  What would she say?  What is Enne up to with this anyway?  Without noticing I had run out of class to think.  Everyone else was up and gather their things.  She stood next to me.

“Coming?”  She asked.

“Come on, I’m hungry,” she continued to prod.

“Oh yeah, right,” I replied as I got up and threw my books in my bag.  Mira would murder me if she new this was going on.

“Well,” she continues as I followed her out, “I’ve decided on the food court in the mall.”

She didn’t really stop for a response from me as we walked towards the parking garage.

“You see I can’t really decided what I want so I figured it has so many options that when I see something I would know.  Also, its just far enough away that we are bound to hear at least one good song.”

“Good thinking,” I said as I pulled the door open to the stairwell.

“I’m at the top,” I looked up and then at her.

“The top?!”  She groaned, “you’re trying to kill me so you don’t have to sing!”

I smiled, “no, just trying to kill myself.  I figured if I park at the top it would be good exercise.  Also I’m more energetic first thing then in the afternoon so I kind of trick future me into having to do it.”

“Future you huh?”  She smiled at the absurdity of it.

We continued to climb the few levels to the top.  When we exited the stairwell I pointed to the silver car in the corner.

“Well you sure weren’t kidding about making yourself.  You could have thrown future you a bone and parked by the door.  He must curse you up and down.”

“Usually, yeah.  But future me is actually current me in this instance and I don’t mind it today for some reason.  Maybe because I usually don’t climb the stairs until the end of the day.”

Enne takes the opportunity to flash her charm, “or maybe you just enjoy your current company.”

I smiled at her but she never looks my way until we split to the opposite sides of the car to get in.

“Kind of like workout partners?”  She asked,  “maybe we’ll have to go jogging together.  You in front thought.”

I found this an odd thing to say, “why me in front?”

“Because,” she dipped her head down and got in the passenger seat and continued when I joined her, “if we were side by side you’d drift behind me and then never catch up.”

I thought it was preposterous that she thought she could outrun me, even if it was probably true.

“And why do you think you could leave me in the dust, Miss Confident?”

I started the car but looked over to her waiting for an answer.

“Oh I don’t.  I was referring to my yoga pants.”

She smiled at me and batted her eyes.  She looked like a movie star, “I’ve seen the way you stare.”

“What?  When do I stare?!”  I raised my voice a little higher than I wanted to but I was embarrassed because it was true.  I didn’t really want her to elaborate so I kind of shut down and started driving.  It had been a few minutes of silence when she thought she must have offended me and tried to save face.

“Well most men do it though.  Everyone, or all of the men, do.  Girls notice.  No matter how slick you think you’re being.”

With that she reached out and turned on the radio, “now lets find us a song worthy of singing.”

The first song wasn’t anything noteworthy so we both sat without talking and waited for it to finish.  Me hoping of the same while she was crossing her fingers and looking at the dial for something to really belt out.

After a few miles and a number of unworthy songs we pulled into the mall parking lot.  All of the spots close to the doors were full so I stalked people walking down the aisles, arms full of bags and waited to see how long it would take them to get in their car.

“You must really want me to hang out with you in your car,” Enne said while looking at the people piling the bags and young children into a minivan.

“Why do you say that?”  I replied, keeping an eye on a car coming up the opposite way making sure they weren’t going to try and sneak in front of me for the coveted spot.

“Have you ever noticed how long it takes families to get into a car?  We could be here until dinner.  Unless this is your way of asking me out on a date.”

“I uh-,” I couldn’t think of a response so she just laughed a song-like laugh that filled the car and I couldn’t help but smile at her.

“Oh!”  She squealed while pointing and shaking her finger.  I looked up and saw another spot opening up.  After the car pulled away I zipped in behind them.

“Go our spot earlier than planned,” I smirked her way.

“Oh!”  She squealed again.  I looked at her and her gaze was fixed on the radio as the beginning of Tiny Dancer started to play.

“This is it!  You have to sing this for me!”

Her eyes were sparkling as she bounced around facing me, waiting for me to start.

“But I-,” we were sitting in the parking lot and she wanted me to sing?

“I don’t know the words.”

Her eyes widened, “how do you not know the words to Tiny Dancer?!”

She seemed personally offended.

“All I know is the chorus.  I can’t just start in the middle.”

I don’t know why I was being so difficult.  It was just singing a song and I was making it out to be a big thing.

“Come on,” she complained, “we drove the whole way here with nothing worth singing.  This might be our only chance!”

“No, come on.  Let’s go in.  We’ll find a better song so i can do the whole thing.”

Her expression changed.  She wasn’t pouting but was disappointed and lurked hurt.  She slumped in her seat and reached down to pick up her purse.  I felt like I had just kicked a puppy.

As her hand grabbed the door I sighed on the inside so she couldn’t hear.  I couldn’t let her get out like this, so in unison with the radio I started,

“Blue jean baby,

L-A lady,

Seamstress for the ba-and.

Her head whipped around and I caught her eyes with a smile.  Her face lit up like fireworks.  I continued to sing and she continued her gaze.  As we came closer to the climax of the chorus I was grinning along with her.

So she said softly,


I pointed at her to join in and in perfect sync we belted out at the top of our lungs.

Hold me closer tiny da-ancer,

count the headlights on the highway.”

I mumbled the rest as I didn’t even really know the whole chorus.  She continued the words with her head thrown back and her eyes closed, singing the song for all she was worth.  She stopped and we both laughed.

“Sorry, that’s all I know,” I looked at her hoping she would be satisfied.

“Oh my god, that was perfect!”  She lunged at me across the car and gave me a hug.  She squeezed around me then pushed back and stared for half a second before jumping out of the car and yelling.

“Come on, I’m hungry!’

“Famished,” I said as I ran to catch up with her, already a few yards away.

“What?”  She turned to me and stared.

“Famished, you should say that you’re famished.  The word suits you.  Classy, cute, smart sounding.”

I was genuinely beginning to really like her.  It was natural, our conversations.  I wanted more.

“You think I’m classy and cute?”  She continued walking but looked at me for confirmation.

“Yeah, just a little.  Not too much.  I’m sure you chew with your mouth open or something.”

I shot her a grin and she dropped her mouth open in mock disgust.

“I’ll show you chewing with my mouth open.  Get ready to enjoy a When Harry Met Sally experience at lunch today.  I hope you embarrass easily.”

“I have no idea what that means,” I held the door open for her at the mall entrance.

“Oh my god.  You need serious help.  How can you not know what that means?  Well, you’re in for a surprise either way.”

I think I was in for a bunch of surprises.  Some great and some terrifying.

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