Devil Girl

I always go for the wrong girls.  The worst possible girls.  The girls with the sly grins instead of the bright smiles.  The girls shrouded in darkness instead of the ones swirling in light.  Moth to a flame, drunk to a bar, and taking in the company of Death, Famine, War, and Pestilence.  They are my definitive judgement on earth.

Pestilence, you were a plague on my soul.  I recovered again and again only to fall into your fiendish ways at the flick of your hair and the dangling bounce of your foot.   You claimed innocence as you laughed.  You poisoned every breath that was close enough to touch you.  I have your cure but can’t make myself take it when you’re near.

War, I loved you.  I couldn’t though and I’m glad I didn’t fully because its just a game for you.  War is beautiful and seductive in her chaos.  She’s nearly perfect if not for her vanity and feigned humility.  Her philosophy always falling back to viciousness.  She was the definition of women as the most dangerous plaything.

Famine, you fed me nothing of substance and made me starve.  You were real but not as you seemed.  You were a friend but untrustworthy.  I gave you everything and you treated it carelessly.  You introduced me to so much and for that I’ll be ever grateful but at the same time I am glad you’re gone.

Death, you ended my life and freed me from War but that is all you did.  You were fake, I know it.  You never could keep anything straight and I was always questioning your motives.  I still don’t know what made you seek me and I’m confused as to why you left, but as with the others I’m glad that you are gone.  I died with you and slowly grew back only to meet the Antichrist.

They all were amateurs compared to you though, devil girl.  You were their queen, while I knelt at your feet.  The devil was not powerful because of magic or force.  The devil was powerful because of temptation.  I was lured into your den through your wiles and that is where you swallowed my soul.

You were everything they were.  I thought I loved you.  I said it.  I woke up in the middle of the night to tell you.  I threw off things I believed for years just to suit your smile.  You introduced me to a lot of things I still believe today, and that is how you captured me.  My mind was infected with your intelligence while your deceit and control slipped around through the back door.

I never did free myself from you.  You left me due to loss of interest.  I was a groveling slave to your perfection, although seeing through it I still couldn’t break free.  You kept my leash tight until you were done, then tossed it aside and vanished.  In my weakest moments I wanted you to come back.  That’s how I know you burrowed deep, even after all this time I still would drop at your side and kiss your feet.  You are the devil and I will never be able to resist you.

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