Another Dream

I had a dream about you last night.  It was like nothing ever happened, we were even out on a date together.  You looked amazing by the way, but you always did.  Your red lips were so full and deep I could have gone diving in them.  It felt so real I woke up and didn’t realize right away that it never happened, then feverishly tried to relive every moment so it wouldn’t be lost to nothing.

Everything ended up kind of hazy.  It was quick the way it all dissipated.  The one thing that remained clear though was that it was you.  It was you and me.  It was so real that it made me want to reach out to you.  I quickly realized that would be a terrible idea and even laughed at myself at how dumb it would be.

But my god it was so real.  Enough to make me think that it wasn’t a dream but a projection of a possible reality.  Something that never happened but could have if an unnumbered amount of dominoes had all fallen a certain way.

Why am I still dreaming about you?  How deep did you go?  Why are you still there?

So I had a dream about you.  We were on a date.  Like nothing ever happened and we had continued on like normal people in normal lives.  How funny that would have been.

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