The Lost Smile

There once was a girl who lost her smile.  She didn’t know where it went or when she lost it.  She didn’t know how it got misplaced or why she couldn’t ever seem to find it, all she knew was that every time she looked in the mirror her sad, dark eyes were packaged with her straight lips and nothing could make them budge.

Then she met a boy randomly on a spring evening.  The boy was full of endless smiles and offered to give his over to her.  She declined, saying it was his smile and he had to keep it for himself.  Staring into her sad face made the boy want to rescue her.  He wanted to be her knight in shining armor.  He told the girl that he would help her look for the smile and he wouldn’t stop until they found it.

He took her by the hand and pulled her across the globe.  From mountains, to jungles to desert plains and back again he helped her look for the missing smile.  They climbed the tallest trees in the densest forests, but even among the beautiful firs and redwoods they couldn’t find it.

The boy wouldn’t give up though.  He squeezed the girl’s hand tighter and took her into the darkest caverns that snaked down into the earth.  The only light that shined was from the diamonds reflecting off of her eyes.  But even in the deepest parts of the world they couldn’t find her smile.

Determination pushed the boy further.  Even though he could not swim very well he dove into the oceans with her by his side.  They swam each sea and every body of water they could find and nowhere resting along the floors did they find her smile.  The girl was beginning to become distraught.

Noble gesture notwithstanding, his hard put efforts were making her feel worse.  She did not want him to spend his time looking for her smile.  She’d lived without it for a while now and could muster a replacement when any moment required.  He didn’t have to dedicate himself so intensely to her well being.

What the girl didn’t understand was that the boy was never going to stop.  His mission was to find her smile and affix it permanently on her face, and then to seal it with a kiss.  However, each stop in every exotic location wasn’t just to find her smile, it was to hold her hand tightly and share the moments with her.  All he wanted to do was have her at his side because she had made him smile wider than he had in a long time.

She found him so full of smiles but she didn’t realize that she was the reason he did.  He found someone to put everything into and the least he could do was help her be happy.  He hoped some day that he could be for her what she was to him.  Until that day he would never stop looking for her smile and he would enjoy her company every second he had it.

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