After You

My eyes observe the world in another way, after you,

knowing love isn’t merely a fairy tale,

after so many years of wondering.

I have a new threshold for beauty, after you,

darkness purveying over light,

fullness to frailty.

The words I let out are watched closely now, after you,

second guessed for why,

motivations questioned at depth.

Proclivities have returned to what they were, after you,

no other equaling what you drew from me,

flashes of lust that couldn’t hold their breath.

Common haunts are no longer that, after you,

our seat in the corner a memorial,

to times of passion, love and truth.

My voice has lost its pitch, after you,

together we didn’t have a sound,

my voice was merely breaths down your neck.

The words that pull themselves from my lips are different now, after you,

a boy wanting a girl will never change,

and now a boy losing a girl won’t either.

Before you I knew the bliss of ignorance in thirst and love,

content without a steady muse,

stealing fleeting moments of beauty from passers-by.

After you all I know is ache and bitter smiles,

not wishing to lose the few moments of forever we had,

but dying in each and every one.

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