In Bed

We’re in bed again.  We always end up bed.  Even if the bed isn’t an actual bed.  Do you remember the time we were camping and the rain started to seep through the tent?  It was an old tent and you warned me that it didn’t look like it would hold.  I said you were crazy.  Well, the tent couldn’t hold and the seams busted.

It was pouring out, a torrential downpour, so we ran for the cover of the trees.  Our campsite waterlogged and looking more like a pool as the seconds passed.

“Fuck!”  I yelled.

“What?!”  You jumped and looked at me in a panic.

“The keys!   The car keys are in there!  I’m going to have to go fucking swimming to find them.”

You just laughed.  It started small and then erupted into this explosive laughter that made you fall on the ground.  I remember the way you could barely breathe as you gasped for air.

The water was held at bay in our cozy spot in the trees as the canopy of branches and leaves kept us as dry as we were going to get.  I looked down at you as you wiped your eyes, finally able to compose yourself after your hysterics.  You looked so fucking beautiful at that moment.  The smile in your eyes was glowing.  It could have just been the tears reflecting the moonlight with a slight addition from the rain, but it was breathtaking.

Your hair was soaked.  I always loved the way your hair looked fresh out of the shower, nearly dripping wet down your back.  This was even better.  You were fully clothed and it was sopping wet.  Rivulets of water streamed chaotically down your face.

“What?”  You said as you looked up at me.  I shook my head because I had no words.  All I could do was lean down to kiss you.

That kiss took over and turned into my hands under the wet fabric of your shirt.  You received my advance and let me take over.  I was an animal in my thirst for you.  The forest floor was our bed that night.  I ripped our clothing off and threw it underneath me.  I pulled you onto me and held you close.  The rain bathed our skin as we gave thanks to the gods with our own dance.

Now you’re sleeping here next to me.  It’s the middle of the night and I woke up.  I never really fell asleep actually, just in and out after we tore at each others bodies for most of the night.  I’m laying here and all I can do is pay homage to you by writing down my thoughts.  Thoughts of the time we’ve traded our deep meanings and intellect for raw surging lust.  Your thighs slathered around my hips while your ankles locked behind me.  You never even took off your heels, and its just one of the reasons I’ll never stop being in love with you.

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