Reviewing My Year Of Writing (So Far)

I had an odd thing happen yesterday.  I check wordpress throughout the day because I like to see how my writings “perform.”  Some of them I’m a little more fond of then others and I get a little attached to how well they do in the realm of “likes” and “views.” and such, it’s silly yes but it’s also very human of which I am an unfortunate being.  (The other thing I enjoy doing is responding to comments, a few people in particular because the back and forth with them is a splendid surprise.)

During one of my checks I noticed an odd occurrence, my stats page was wonky.  The spike in the graph was gigantic.  The view column had soared higher than any other day since I started writing here.  It was quite modest in terms of the more popular blogs but it was over double the highest I had ever experienced.

After looking into it I saw that it was all from the same country and deduced that it was most likely from the same person taking a peek through each of my posts.  I wondered to myself if I should be flattered they were looking at all of my posts or slightly upset that they didn’t “like” any of them.  I tried to quickly quash that notion because I write for the joy of writing but no matter the writer everyone enjoys a little bit of praise every now and then.  I also think the constant doubt wondering if I am actually any good likes to sit in the shadows and pounce whenever possible.

The point of all this rambling?  The titles of my posts.  I scrolled through all of the viewed posts and smiled to myself when reading the various titles and noticing the theme:

  • Her Love Was Fury
  • One Cute Thing
  • I Remember You In The Spring
  • Run Your Fingers Through My Hair
  • I Miss You
  • Love Is Dumb Though
  • The Person I Am Tonight
  • 29 Hours Away
  • How Are You Everywhere?
  • I Know I Shouldn’t Still Be Mad
  • Addicted
  • I Might Be Broken, It Might Be Your Fault
  • You Might Be Better As A Dream
  • I Know Enough Of You For Me
  • A Love Letter
  • More Of Her
  • It Was Already Gone

And on and on and on it went.  75% of my posts have to be about the same thing (or person).  I just thought it was funny seeing it laid out like that.

One of my stupid ideas I have that will never happen is to have something some day where everything in regards to this topic (this person) is written down.  I even have a semi-title picked out for it.

XXX number of words for XXX

Of course that isn’t a finalized version of anything but that is the baseline, the structure.  I just need to finalize the first before admitting the last.  The word count always seemed to over around the hundred thousand mark.  The name never changes.

This is just me sharing some simple musings.  A little reflection on a year when I didn’t start writing until the end of the third month.  I didn’t start writing consistently until the end of the 5th month and I’ve written nearly every day since the beginning of the 6th month.  (Minus two days which I angrily look at).

Here’s to writing.  Here’s to you.  Here’s to her.

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