Sitting On The Beach

It’s fucking hot out.  I think it but don’t say it because everybody fucking says it.  You can’t walk into a building without some dip shit commenting on the heat.  I get it though.  The weather is simple.  People just want simple.  A connection with another human being is awkward sometimes and an easy way to do that is with something simple like the weather.  It’s hot.  Yeah it is.  Nice interacting with you, I needed that today.  No problem, have a good one.

I hate it when I analyze myself into being an asshole.  I guess if I didn’t analyze my thoughts I would still be an asshole though.  Oh well.

You wanted to go to the beach.  I didn’t but I like to make you happy.  Hot days make me want to crawl into an ice box.  Wake me when the temperature dips below 20 and the humidity fucks right off.  You wanted to go though and you were in a good mood.  I never want to ruin your good moods so I shut my mouth and went along happily (as possible).

We’re laying here in the sand.  On the sand.  The sun is beating down and the sweat is running down my face.  But I don’t mind.  Something about you makes everything easier to swallow.  The heat.  A bad day.  A rotten mood.  You melt it all away with that smile.

That bathing suit looks great on you.  Suctioned to your body like it has to be peeled off.  The cut and the colors mixing with your curves.  I just want to sit here and watch you bound through the sand while you laugh.

I snapped a picture as you’re sitting there.  Your sunhat hanging around your face and the shadows caressing your shoulders.  Those big aviator sunglasses swallowing your face as you sit there like a movie star and stare out at the ocean while the waves roll in.  The sun loves you.  Everyone does.

We’ll sit here all day, at least until you want to leave.  I might join you in the water at some point too.  The look of your face as you rush up from below the water’s surface is serene.  I’ll cup your cheeks and kiss you and we’ll waste away into the evening until we’re all salt and sand and nothing is left.

Just another day spent instead of wasted.

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