Oh My Darlin’

Can the mind be spotless if it once was unclean?

Tattered with memories, a dull against the sheen.

Tears in the fabric and divots in the grass

Eternity mocking me, sunshine never lasts.


Love will always wound in a garish and ugly way,

Affected hearts as a marionette in uncommon displays.

Though unwelcome and uninvited pain pours itself a drink

It lingers in the background and forces us to think.


Memories unrelenting, they spin and spin and spin

Attached to my instrument, chords plucking from within.

As the strings go silent bringing calm to crashing waves

Unable to forget, what was never asked but still she gave.


Eloisa, Clementine and the girl all chose to quit,

but Abelard, Joel and I cannot as easily forget.

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