The ugly things we do in love are not who we are at all times, but they show what we’re capable of and how we’ll cross forbidden lines.

The loving things we do are ugly when its against normalcy, but in common with society its just as sweet as tea.

When we’re normal and in love society is our playground, but beyond the end of being tied in lust we’re banished to the background.

Lust-filled embraces are welcomed with open arms and open legs, but the ugly things we do in love aren’t allowed when love is dead.

Love is ugly when its not beautiful.

Love is hard when its not soft.

Love is everything we never wanted when its not what we thought.

Love can be your end.

Love can do you in.

Love will always cut your heart with a slash that’s paper thin.

We are ugly when we’re not in love,

just after we were in it.

The ugly things we do because,

love isn’t something you can quit.

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