You, Again

It doesn’t take much, does it?  All I have to do is catch a glimpse of you and everything comes back.  All of you.  All of us.  The way we were and that we aren’t a we anymore.

I saw you the other night and I haven’t been able to get it out of my head since.  It had been a couple of weeks, maybe longer.  I can’t really stake a claim in knowing how time works when it comes to remembering you.  We always lived in our own world together where the clock had no hold on us.

Whenever I see you I soften instantly.  You cause me to inhale a sharp breath and hold it.  How do you do that?  It’s a physical reaction nobody has ever been able to create within me and you still do it.

It used to be a smile.  I always smiled but this smile was special for you.  It was on the level of the smile a kid makes as their birthday cake comes out from the kitchen and everyone starts to sing.  That kind of unique occurrence that few moments in live can take responsibility and somehow for you it was as easy as showing up.

This isn’t anything especially poetic or with words that sing or attribute special analogies.  This is just me still stuck on you thinking that it’s never going to end.  This is just me missing you, also, thinking that it’s never going to end.

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