Your wild hands are an odd match to your restrained heart.  You give your body away but you keep love locked in a vault and I’m not sure you even know how to open it anymore.  I think you might have loved me but you were too scared to say it or even think it so you used a different word.  I didn’t care what word it was as long as your wild hands continued making their way across my open fields in the name of exploration and science.

You said, “it’s all they want of me anyways.”

If it was then they were fools.  The riches of a woman like you aren’t fully enjoyed until she’s inside your head and you’re inside hers.  When you’ve got a random note from her saying nothing important it’s saying things she doesn’t know how to express with words, and when she finally gets to put her hands on delicate parts of your body you’ll know what she meant to say.

I wanted your mind and if your body came along for the ride I’d empty any seat next to me as an invite.  Rude as it were, I didn’t care.  You were the only company I wanted and everything else seemed to fade away from reality.  I think I had your mind for a minute or two, at least in the realm where we knew each other.  I had it and it scared you so you pushed me away.  I loved you.  You adored me.

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