Burn Your Memories

Nothing is as forever as a lover’s torn want

shred by dagger’d eyes

and held by memories taunt.

Facade all in order yet everything inside

is withered and left empty

aimless ache spread far and wide.

I loved you in the summer and through the autumn breeze

you froze me in the winter

and I burned our memories.

Through fury and fire I lit the spark that birthed a flame

an addiction of your drug laced lips

no recollection of my name.

An oath of truth and candor that I held until the end

you asked me of myself

this oath I would not bend.

Now we’re where we are and where we’ve been ever since

me, a land of endless sorrow

you, forever unconvinced.

What punishment inflicted could ever be so unkind

to leave a lover loving

a long gone soul to endless time.

Burn your memories as they happen its all I recommend

because if you love the ghost of what once was

your misery will never end.


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