Cicada Say I Love You

Can my words ever reach the level of a cicada’s song?  Slicing through the air in the heat of summer merely to tell you that I need you.  Is it love or lust they call for?  I’ve asked that question of myself many times before.  Was it your beautiful mind or your dangerous curves that I wanted to die from?  Tymbal’s clicking furiously with no matter of why, just of what.

The song is loud enough to deafen even themselves in their call.  Silence surrounding them, hearing disabled as their singular focus is above all other needs.  I know the feeling.  When it was you or the world I’d ignore the world.  I’d lose my sight to only see you.  I’d trade my ears if your voice was all that got through.

My song will never stop.  My pitch will never cease.  My words will never wane.


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