By The End Of The Night

Two bottles of something sharp hang loosely from one hand while a glass dangles from your fingertips of the other.  The way you walk across the room should be rated NC-17.  Your hips require a parental advisory label.  You’re half dressed and fully charged.  We’ve already been at it for a couple of hours and you thought it’d be a good time to stop for a drink.  Your modest nature amusing as you throw on a t-shirt, the idea of me seeing your naked chest unbearable after what we just did makes me laugh as you slip it over your head.

“Shut up,” you say with a smirk.  I oblige and stare at your ass as it moves out of the room, the thong perfectly in place.

You place the glass on the table and pour a drink, then lift the bottle to your mouth and take a long swig.  The bottle slammed on the table as you finish, the back of your hand dragged across your lips as you lean and stare at me.  All I can sense at that moment is the lust in your eyes, as if you’re an animal stalking its prey.  You’re observing me through the thicket and waiting for the exact moment to sink your teeth into my jugular and your thighs onto my hips.

Animalistic lust isn’t usually your thing, but it can be.  When I touch you the right way and say the perfect set of words you let it out.  This raw display sends shivers through me and electrifies every part of my body.  I want to exhaust us to the point of no return.

“Come here,” is all I say.  I want more, I need more, but the only words that find their way out are those two.

You oblige this time.  The few steps to the edge of the bed before crawling towards me and not stopping until your lips assault mine with a growl and a kiss.  You’re so god damn perfect, it makes me want to fuck you into eternity.

Everything you are excites me.  Everything you do makes me want you more.  Your body is my purpose.  Your moans are my goal.  I want to know you inside and out and explore the range of tone in your voice.  I’ll bring you to such euphoric bliss that you’ll know nothing else but me and by the end of the night you’ll know my name.

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