Review: To All The Peter Kavinsky’s

I watched three movies this weekend.  Wait…when did I decide to post this?  On….Tuesday.  Okay good then never mind, I was on the right track.
I watched three movies this weekend, one I’ve already seen and two that I haven’t.  One came out in May….or at the beginning of June.  Either way its old so I’m not gonna go over it again.  It was aight, funny, same old same old (DP2).  The other one just came our like….a week ago.

And here is my completely pointless review of…

To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before


I knew nothing of this movie other than word of mouth and the twitter meme that’s been going around.  It was enough to sell me so I figured what the hell and put it on.
OMG…I fucking loved this movie.  It was so god damn cute!

Seriously, watch it.  Go.  Now.  AS I ALWAYS SAY STOP WHAT YOU’RE DOING AND WATCH THIS MOVIE RIGHT NOW.  If your boss fires you for watching this movie while you should be working then you weren’t meant to work there to begin with.

It was just an adorable movie about a high school girl who loves love.  (If you’re a regular reader of my nonsense then you can see why it would appeal to me).  She writes letters to five boys in her past as a kind of therapy.  Hijinks ensue and they are mailed.  It kind of takes a left turn from there and follows a kind of familiar feeling rom-com high school plot but its so damn cute that it doesn’t matter.  It just works.


  • Lana Condor is just adorable as Lara Jean.  She is half of what made this movie so entertaining.  She is sweet and awkward but not too much that its goofy.
    • Secondly, the style they give her in the movie is kick ass as well.  Pretty but not showy.  It fits the character and she never has to have that “geek coming out” thing where she goes through a transformation to look suddenly beautiful because she’s beautiful all along.
  • The yin to her yang and who I saw referenced numerous times before knowing what it was from:  Peter Kavinsky!  Also known as Noah Centineo but we’ll just only know him as Peter Kavinsky for like ever now.  He was so utterly charming you can see why she forgot about Josh so quickly.
    • Is it just me or did anyone else think he was totally related to Mark Ruffalo through like the entire movie?  He sounds like him, looks like him and has the same mannerisms!
  • That was like…mainly it.  The chemistry between those two was amazing and the story was so cute.  I’ll do a quick run down of other things that were neat!  (me words goodly)
  • Kitty Covey – Lara Jean’s little sister was funny.  She plays a kid only a year older than my daughter and I could see a little bit of them acting the same way but maybe more a 13 year old then 11.
  • Mean girl Gen (Jen?) Genivive (or whatever) was typical mean girl but at least they gave her a reason to be mean other than “she’s popular now so she should be a bitch to her ex friend who isn’t popular.”
  • Lacrosse?  Nobody actually PLAYS Lacrosse.  Stop putting Lacrosse in movies like its some cool hipster sport that nobody knows about but everyone loves.  STOP TRYING TO MAKE LACROSSE HAPPEN, GRETCHEN!  IT’S NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!
  • Korean Yogurts look cool.
  • Trippy, weird friend?  Check.
    • Subway addiction?  I smell a secret sponsor!
  • That little diner looked legit like the one that was across from my Grandma’s house in Wisconsin that I remember going to as a kid.
  • The movie looked like it took place in Colorado.  I don’t know that for sure but that’s what I’m guessing.
  • John Corbett looks so dad-like and his delivery is so dad-like he was born to be a tv/movie dad.


So that’s it.  I loved this movie because it was sweet and cute and adorable and like a cupcake (even though brownies ARE better for taste reasons and because you can cut them up into multiple squares.)

Eight smiling dinosaurs out of Ten.

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