From This Angle

“I can see down your dress from this angle.”

It isn’t the most suave line a man can use but when it’s said to someone with whom you’re familiar it has its charms.  It got the reaction I wanted anyways.  That look you give when you’re not sure if you want to hit me or kiss me.  The balance of that moment is where I constantly live with you and I love the guessing game of which way its going to fall.  Hit me or kiss me, let fate decide.

Down that dress is magnificent by the way.  You’ve got every physical asset empirically possible to make me grit my teeth and moan while next to you.  My hands can’t find their way against you fast enough.  My lips miss their home.  Fuck, you smell good.

Hit me or kiss me, what’s it gonna be?  Pull my hair or hold my hand.  Our dance never gets old and as many times as I just want to pick you up and carry you away to be alone forever, I love knowing that you will never bore me.  You will never be enough.  I will want you to the end of time.  The view down your dress will always be my favorite.

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