Quietus Est

Death is patient.  It is held by no clock nor by any order, hold one; collect the souls ejected from withered bodies left or laid to waste.  Chauffeur the weary and the weeping into the light or dark depending on the brand upon their wrist.  Death will show the way and there is no escaping it’s gaze.
You should not fear death as it has only come to retrieve you.  You belong to that which is no more.  Death does not come when it isn’t needed, only when your time has ended.  It takes no bargain and will accept no bribe.  You can run so far but you can never hide.

The reaper is grim not by disposition but by duty.  The call of his fate never ending and the anguish overwhelming.  Ushering souls away from lives that aren’t ready to end is a task with a heavy burden.  Sobbing, crushed, pleading for one more chance to remain.  One more kiss felt or one more word whispered.  A last chance to try again with a promise of being better.
The countless requests push Death to silence as nothing is ever enough to soothe eternity.  A single finger pointed to the horizon becomes his only communication.  Tall presence ominous over their ended life while his cloak billows in a wind that wasn’t present moments ago.  Death is here to collect you and you are no better than the many that have come before.

Death is not an angel sent to earth on a mission, but once a man who the Devil played into his debt.  Never sit down with the Devil at his game, as he always wins.  Nobody ever gave this advice to the man Death was before so he tried and lost.
The man who was to become Death offered to sell his soul to be needed.  Lonely and by himself he wanted someone in his life that cared for him.  He had spent half his life alone without loving eyes meeting his and he didn’t want to hurt for the remainder of it.

He called out in earnest, “take my soul and return someone that needs me like I need them.”

The Devil answered.

The answer was a deal so that the man who would become Death would have exactly what he wanted and in return the Devil would have his soul forever.  In true human fashion the need to extinguish his pain outweighed the damnation he would put himself through, not realizing the level it could reach.  The man who would become Death had his love and was needed, while his love needed him until his death half a life down the road.
Upon the man who would become Death’s dying the Devil appeared to reap his side of the deal.  However the depth of what he had dealt away set in and the man who would become Death pleaded and begged to undo it.  His love would go to Heaven while his soul was to find a home in Hell and their brief time together would be all he could ever have of her.
The Devil was angered by the insolence he received.  He was fair and gave in to everything that was asked, yet still more was wanted.  An example would be made for future dealings and the man who would become Death had reached his destiny.

The Devil declared, “you will not go to Hell, but you will also not go to Heaven.  You will roam the earth between the shadows of the living.  Your existence will be that of fear for any you meet.  A dread will fall over them and you will exude death.  Your purpose for eternity will be to collect the souls of the dead and point them to him, or me.”
Upon saying the word him the Devil pointed upward and then continued, “I will subject you to the wails and groans of the dead.  You can listen to their pleading and begging to be given another chance.  The tears in their eyes and the horror in their face as they experience the loss of their loved ones.  Each time you’ll think of the love I granted you and how you’ll never see it again.  How you repaid my generosity with disrespect.”

With a snap of his fingers the Devil was gone and Death was created.  A solitary figure draped in black.  A pull in the direction of passing lives into a reality between worlds.  Forever left to direct the souls to their final resting place and experience the sorrow and grief again and again.  Each time a soul rose or fell, Death would be instantly placed to another with no time in between.  Repeatedly left at the foot of agony with no relief.
So Death went on representing what he wanted when he was still a man.  He lived half a life wanting to be needed by another and half a life enjoying it.  Upon paying his part of the deal, Death would spend the remainder of existence being needed and needing others.  He was needed to take them beyond to their next world and he needed them to fulfill his fate.

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