Grin And Bear It

I’m a pacifist in every sense, but in this sense I’m speaking more to being non-argumentative then violence and war.  I don’t like conflict.  I don’t see the point in being mad at someone.  I would rather enjoy myself and move past a disagreement or frustration then dwell on it and let it fester.  I just want to have fun.

I get angry.  I get mad.  I have arguments with people where there is yelling and frustrations are thrown about.  There isn’t often a time I hold onto them though.  I give in.  I let go.  I will look at what caused the argument and concede a part of it that I’m responsible for even if the other person refuses to do so on their end.  Again, I just want to have fun.

I can’t see why anyone would rather be mad and fume over something they can just let go.  The need to be right and justified is so strong that they would ruin any hope of a good time simply to make sure they don’t seem weak.  Because that’s all it is, they see compromise as weakness.  Either every point of there’s is justified or they lose.  They don’t like to lose and don’t want to lose.

So I’m left as the voice of reason.  The adult.  Ugh, I hate being the adult.  I would rather grin and bear it than start up again to prove my point, no matter how valid I think my point is.  It really wouldn’t matter anyways as when someone is so against losing they aren’t listening to your point, but waiting for their chance to argue back.

Of course there are times when I don’t concede.  When fun isn’t an option and being right is imperative.  The point of being a pacifist though is that you’re always looking for the path of least resistance.  You’re always trying to be the bigger person.  Your smile hurts but sometimes letting someone think they won is a better strategy then both of you ramming your head into a wall.

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