He’s Looking For A Girl

Everyone wants someone who is unique.  A person that gives a special thrill whenever you see them.  A raise in heart rate.  Parched lips.  Eyes blinking like the focus is off, then a smile that only they can bring out.

He wanted all of this, but he wanted to be greedy and have more.  Most of his life he’d played it safe and never took chances.  Laid back and let everything float by.  That’s all changed though, he knew what he wanted and he wasn’t going to go for anything less.

He wanted a girl that knew how to spark every fiber of his being.  She would walk in and it wouldn’t be that he didn’t want to look away, he couldn’t.  Everything about her was the kind of challenge that call adventurers to climb the deadliest peaks.  It fuels them so deep in their soul that it can’t be separated from should or could, want or need.  All of this and she doesn’t have to do a thing except be herself.
If he were a writer he would create endless works to immortalize the way she made him feel.  If he were a painter she would be at the end of every paintbrush and splattered across endless canvases.  She would be flowers in his garden and her likeness would be carved into so many sculptures his hands would ache the same way she makes his heart beat.

He wanted love.  He wanted a girl to love with all his passion as if he’d been saving it up in jars since it was first discovered.  First the jars filled his closet, then his room and now he’s run out of space in his home.  He’s looking for that girl who can open the first jar and over their lifetime open the rest.  He’s looking for a one in a million.  He wants to find a girl who will destroy him for anyone else.

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