Let’s Be Bad Together

Let’s go places we shouldn’t go and do things we shouldn’t do.

I want to stare at you from across a room and watch other men flirt with you.  I want to watch them want you.  I want to see them pursue you.  Then, when the nights over I want to go home with you and ravage your body.  Our skin grinding off the day from one another with your fingers laced in mine as I lean over top of you and look in your eyes with each thrust.

Let’s be bad together.

Let’s stay up all night and sleep all day.  We can treat the sun like an outcast in our lives and worship the moonlight.  I want to take this small town at 3 am and make a ruckus along the lampposts.  We’ll howl at the moon and make out in the ATM vestibule at the bank, giving the security footage a nice show.

You can feel what its like to have the cold air ride up your naked thigh as I lift your skirt while I listen to your moans echo off the bricks of the restaurant on the corner.  All the lights are out, there are no cars driving in the streets.  The signal lights are blinking red and have been for hours and hours because the entire town is asleep.  But not us.  We live when other’s sleep and we sleep wrapped in each others limbs when they go about doing their individual nothings.

Dance in the street with me.  Right in the middle of the intersection.  We’ll put on spotify and share a set of ear buds.  Let’s slow dance and kiss until we’re made to move.  Let’s do all the things that the people who are sleeping won’t do.  Let’s be bad, the two of us together, and forget the world exists when we aren’t there.

4 thoughts on “Let’s Be Bad Together

      • Not to my minds ears at all.
        Something I’ve recently discovered about myself is clunky adds an element of raw sexiness to me. Strips the refined edges clean off and is more intriguing and stimulating, sort of savage.
        I used to write a very self polished version of things. I almost cringe when I read them now, my taste changed or I’ve improved lol.
        This is lovely

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        • I completely agree about the idea that something being too polished loses its reality. Just last night I was asking someone for a good description of the color blue. He came back with a lovely description using the word ‘cerulean.’ I had given a different thought though and gave the description a little story to go along with it. Likening it to the blue water you see in the pages of national geographics magazines while you’re sitting in a dentist office. (of course, a little prettier sounding than that).
          His sounded very pretty but it felt too pretty. Fake almost. Like something a computer would generate.

          Long way of saying…I agree and thank you 🙂

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