What I Can Do For You

I’ll make you scream.  Everything in you will burn and tense.  You will never feel an ocean so deep as the rage you experience with me.  All of my fire ignites when you come in the room and the oxygen is sucked back until it explodes.  I will brand my heat in your brain until flashes of me flicker in your dreams as if I were spliced in between shots of your life as a movie.

You will be loved.  Endlessly and forever deep you will be loved like nobody ever loved you before.  You have been loved, yes.  I concede that I have not been the first person in existence to realize your transcendence.  What I will never relinquish is the power in which I will break everything you’ve ever known and put it back together as if we’ve done it for the first time.

Kisses have never been kissed until I kiss you.
Hot showers on cold days have never run down the face of your cliffs as they have after we’ve traversed each others naked bodies.
The sun has never spread across your face in the early morn as it has while laying next to me.
You don’t know what you’re missing until you find it with me.

All of this because of you.  You’re worth changing worlds for the better.  I want your smile.  I want your loving gaze from across a room.  I want to be the first thing that comes to mind after your mind goes blank.  I want all of this and because of that I want to do everything for you.  Let me, please.  Let me, every day.

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