Will We Know When The World Ends?

When the world finally ends will we know it?  Will it be a definitive mark in history that we look back on with a date and time that everything went to hell?  Will we know the world is gone and we’re starting over from scratch when it happens and will it be what we thought it would be?

The resources will run dry first.  It won’t be the catalyst but that’s what will happen first.  The grounds will stop growing enough to continue our expansion.  Our lands will wilt and die.  People will migrate closer and closer to the biggest cities.  Ghost towns will litter the highways.  Cities will become mega cities.  Rural roads will be wastelands of lawlessness.

Greed will do us in.  Capitalism.  Money.  Call it whatever you’d like but that will be what will do the world in.  Monetize everything.  Your health.  Your life.  Your food.  Your education.  Your family pictures.  Your pets.  Your bedroom walls.  Your thoughts.  The pursuit of life, liberty and happiness will have become deformed.  It will be taken advantage of by algorithms to manipulate your sense of living.

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The world will end but it will go on a new.  The population will die out.  The mega cities will form a tribal feeling among them.  It will go beyond sporting events and popularity lists in magazines and become a sense of grotesque patriotism.  Us against them will never have been stronger.

Walls will be built to keep them out.  To keep everyone out.  Eventually it will be to keep you in.  When you’re in you’re feeding the beast and keeping it growing.  Power only lasts when it can sustain itself on weakness.  Make the weak feel the need for power and it will slowly take over their lives.  The dark neo-cities of science fiction will become a reality.  Maybe we will get those cool spaceships after all.

Not all mega cities will survive.  Some will fall and be devoured by scavengers living in the wastelands of what used to be.  Some will form alliances with others and help defend each other against danger.  Some will abuse the trust and continue to let the greed into their souls to manipulate each other.  The greed will never end.

Then when the world as we know it is no longer what we thought it used to be we’ll look back and know when it happened.  We’ll wonder why we didn’t see it as it was happening.  Why we didn’t march in the streets and scream at the top of our lungs that this isn’t right.  It isn’t normal.  Will any of this even be remembered?

It will all come to an end eventually.  The walls and the hatred will fall.  It won’t last.  People will start something new in the wastelands that were left bare and try to build a life outside of the mega cities.  The outcasts in lawlessness.  The mega cities functioning without them and to some not even realizing they exist.

The world has a way of resetting itself.  Nature has a way of resetting itself.  Nothing lasts forever.  The Roman’s couldn’t last forever.  The Three Kingdom’s couldn’t last forever.  The Mongols failed.  Everything fails eventually.  Then we start over in something new and begin again.

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