Random: My Inner Kanye

I ain’t it
playin tag with a ghost
swimmin on the sea’a sheets
slappin on that booty
makin it burnt like toast

Don’t tell me I ain’t no cool guy
You like that cig danglin at the end’a my lips
I’s kinda like that pony holder tangled up in ya hair
Let’s take a bath and dirty the clean water

I see that lipstick on ya panties
fade away
You a luxury
You make my knuckles bleed
You feed that nicotine need
I wanna pop that pussy like I pop balloons

I like words on my shirts
I have tears on my pillow
cause its all I known
How’d we get here again?
I remember this street
But it look so different now

I wanna see some blue come outta that green
Your garters caught in my teeth
Tell me what you look like in the mirror
Wish you weren’t there
or at least I wish I ain’t here

I ain’t got tears left for those who don’t fuck wit me
Find a girl that wear a tilted tiara
Keep her if she let you wear it

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