Women & Men

I don’t really know what I want to say but I want to say something.  I want to say something not because I want my voice heard but I want women to know that not all men are scum.  Not all men are awful.  That they do have some allies in the world who will stand with them, not in front of them.

Hopefully I’ll have a more coherent idea and write something better in the future but for now I’m going to ramble.  Sorry.

I’m tired of hearing and reading things along the line of Has #MeToo Gone Too Far?  I’m sick of reading about men who think they’ve sat in the time out corner long enough and can slip back into their normal lives without being noticed before addressing, apologizing and being welcomed back due to showing they’ve changed.  I’m tired of victim blaming and slut shaming.
Just today I was reading how US Senator’s were referring to Stephanie Clifford (Stormy Daniels) lawyer as “the porn lawyer.”  They didn’t refer to him as the lawyer for the woman who had sex with the President but instead focused on her profession and the negative stigma that it holds.  I’m bothered that any person who heard these Senator’s use this term weren’t called on it.  It didn’t matter that the President paid the woman money to not speak of their interaction, just that she was a pornographic actress so her opinion means nothing.  Another case of women being pushed aside in any way possible no matter their relevance.

Louis CK doesn’t deserve another chance, not yet anyway.  He meekly apologized in a typical “sorry I got caught” way and went away for a few months.  The women he harassed and drove from the industry will never be able to get that time back.  He thinks he can come back doing what he loves to do (and make a rape joke that shows he learned nothing during his time in exile) without making amends?  No.  Get lost.  Don’t come back.

Les Moonves tried to destroy Janet Jackson.  He didn’t do a thing to Justin Timberlake though.  He was so powerful, him and Harvey Weinstein, that they could ruin a woman’s dream of becoming an actress if either of them wanted to.  People say “that isn’t the person I knew” but maybe he acts differently around men.  Maybe he didn’t want to have sex with you so you never had to deal with it.  That’s what people don’t understand.

As a while man I will never know what it’s like to be harassed the way a minority or woman will.  I can’t fathom the leers or the comments.  Being disregarded or treated as less.  Just because I don’t experience it doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen.  I don’t get how people can’t accept things happen outside of their bubble.  There are other lives going on that operate in a completely different way then yours does.  Try and consider their reality an actual thing rather than some foreign object for you to dismiss.

Brett Kavanaugh seems like he was a self entitled creep as a teenager.  I knew guys like him.  They grow up and they think they got away with something.  They mellow out and try to have a good life after all of the pain they inflicted.  That they can get to the highest seat in their field and none of that will come back and bite them.  Again, no.  Get lost.  Don’t come back.

Nobody wants your high school calendars.  Nobody wants to know how you teacher girl’s basketball.  Nobody cares.  They just want you to go away.  You don’t get to tell women what they’re allowed to do with their bodies.  Nobody does.  That this is even an issue is astounding.

I really don’t have any direction this is going, I just wanted to do some light venting.  Hearing Dr Blasey Ford’s testimony angered me.  It made me mad.  They way she said the worst part of it was the laughter.  Kavanaugh and his friend laughing because they thought what they were doing was funny.  That a woman’s body is something they can just do what they want with and then toss it away and laugh that dismissive, cutting, frat boy laugh while they clutch their red solo cups and high five.  No.  Get lost.  Don’t come back.  All of you.

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